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Winner prediction of bigg boss 11

Winner prediction of bigg boss 11 – Bigg Boss 1 is soon to be aired on television soon and the excitement in the Indian audience is one to see and behold. A number of websites have already started publishing leaked content, claiming the list of participants who will be taking part in Bigg Boss 11. The audience has started winner prediction of Bigg Boss 11 and they can’t wait to see if their predictions will come true or not.

What is Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss is a reality game show which has to be broadcasted in Colors channel since 2008. Before Colors, Sony used to broadcast the same show from 2006 to 2007, after which Colors bought the rights to this show. The show has been running for a span of 11 years and it has 9 immensely popular and successful seasons to its credit. Bigg Boss was conceptualized on the Biggg Brother reality show, which was being aired in Netherlands. Winner prediction of bigg boss 11

Winner prediction of bigg boss 11

Bigg Boss is a reality show which was conceptualized from the original Dutch reality show Bigg Brother by John De Mol. In the show, the participants called housemates are made to stay together in a purposely built home for a certain span of time, and they are isolated from the rest of the world. At the start of the house, there are around 11 housemates who start living together. As the show progresses, each week the housemates vote for one housemate who will be evicted from the show. The housemates who will be facing the maximum number of nominations will be put up for a public vote, after which they will be evicted from the house. At the end of the season, the public gets to vote for their favorite contestant and he or she becomes the ultimate winners of Bigg Boss. Winner prediction of bigg boss 11 contestants name
In the Indian version of the show, the housemates are mainly celebrities, and one of the contestants is chosen from the public audition. The housemates are always overseen by a mysterious person, known as Bigg Boss whose only presence in the house is through his voice.

The Contestants Of Bigg Boss 11

Some websites across the internet are claiming that they have the leaked list of the participants of Bigg Boss 11. Though these websites are nowhere near trustworthy, if you go by them, below is a list of the 3 most possible contestants-
  • Radhe Maa– The spiritual leader from Mumbai, who has gained a huge popularity in recent times.
  • Kabir Bedi– The modern and tasteful Kabir Bedi is not your average contestant and after his wedding to Parveen Dusanj played out, he is a most probable contestant.
  • Shiney Ahuja– Shiney is a promising artist, but as it commonly happens in Bollywood, most talents go unnoticed. Same was the case with Ahuja and he was almost lost from the industry for a couple of years, until recently when he was seen at Welcome Back. He is also a probable contestant for Bigg Boss 11.


Whoever might be the winner of this season of Bigg Boss, it always has been and will be a delight to watch Bigg Boss. Gear up for Bigg Boss season 1 and start winner prediction of Bigg Boss 11today.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

{*How to*} Apply for A New [*Voter ID Card*] Online in India

{*How to*} Apply for A New [*Voter ID Card*] Online in India: 

According to the laws of the Constitution, Voter ID cards are provided by the orders of Election Commission of India (ECI). There are appointed delegates of ECI in most of the states in India. The crucial role is played by the booth level officers (BPOs) authenticating and reviewing the voter ID card. In case of queries or for any help regarding voter ID cards you can visit your nearest election Registration Officer to find out the solutions regarding verification and distribution procedures of voter ID cards.In order to register and apply as new voter online, you should follow the steps given accordingly:

  • Log on to ECI website. Select your state of residence or any other state for where you wish to apply and register for your Voter ID card. Students can register from their schools or colleges currently or from their residence. (Or CEO of Your State)
  • Get your login ID and password after successfully filling the form with your credentials, such as phone number, and email address.

  • Now log in to the website perfectly with your login ID and password given to you. Most probably, form 6 will be available.
  • Now finally download the complete form and submit it successfully.

Winner prediction of bigg boss 11

Winner prediction of bigg boss 11 –  Bigg Boss 1 is soon to be aired on television soon and the excitement in the Indian audience is one t...